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Welcome to the the learn a craft, craft a future resources page. This area is designated to those adults attending the courses funded by the national lottery at Roots to Fruit Midlands Ltd. The information on the courses includes when and where to attend the course, as well as Roots to Fruits policies and expected behaviors and more. We will also be adding resources to help embed the learning that you have being doing in the day.

A fantastic opportunity to learn and to help others learn Not just plants, but landscaping, retail, customer relations – a whole range of experiences ” Geoff (Volunteer)

About the learn a Craft, Craft a Future Course

Here’s our prospectus telling you the courses we run and the curriculum please clickmon the link below:


I know its boring but first of all we have to do the legal stuff we really need you to go through and read these resources carefully

Course Handbook

Please click on the link below to view the trainee / volunteer handbook, it informs you of our policies and procedures as well as expected behavior. Please click on the link below to see the document


Volunteer Charter and Agreement

Please click on the link below to view the the Volunteer Trainee charter for the course it is important that you read and agree to this so that you know what to expect from us and what we expect from you.


Activity Risk Assessments

You will be required to read the site health and safety risk assessment when you first attend the course. As you do different tasks and use different tools and equipment you will gain training before using them but here is all of our risk assessments made for the activities and tools you could be using we advise you read through them by clicking on the link below.


Emergency Procedures

To view Roots to Fruit Emergency procedures please click on the link below:

The Online Health and Safety Course

Please click on the link below to go through the Roots to Fruit health and safety short course. If you are studying the Level 1 or level 2 practical skills qualifications then this is a must. The level 1 assignment is on this page. It will also put you in good stead for volunteering/working at other similar places and we have a multiple choice quiz to test your learning and prove what you know after using the resources at the bottom of the page.

Course Calendar

To view course closure dates please click on the link below:


How to Find us

How to find us by car or public transport click on the link below:

Public Liability Insurance

To view Roots to Fruit Midlands Ltd. Insurance Details please click on the link below :

2021 Insurance Details


2022 Insurance Details


J P Ensell DBS Details


Starting a Small Business

laptop and diary on table in garden
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

Our school on how to start a small business in gardening/horticulture. We asked the students what questions/worries they had about starting a small business from/scratch so we had a discussion forum and we came up with a structure for what people wanted and needed to learn. These lessons will develop with the resource in the link to the Small Horticulture Business School

Accredited Qualifications

Please Click on the page below to see the different qualifications avaialble through learn a craft, craft a future:

The 101 online beginers gardening course :

The first non accredited online course on how to prepare the ground for seed sowing and planting please follow the link and use the password below:


Password : Delibr8

please follow the link and use the password are below to get you started on learning how to plant your veg’ plot and garden:


Password: P0tPlant$

To learn about how to maintain your planted border or vegetable plot please follow the link and use the password below


Password: B0rder$

To view an example of a Level 2 Qualification assignment please click on the link below:

You can click on the link below to gain the google docs version just don’t forget to save the file as new doc by either copying it and re-naming it:


Heres some resources that fullfill a number of great outcomes in one activity, its all about seed sowing indoors and you can also learn about how to grow a highly nutritious crop ready to harvest 10 to 14 days after sowing.

Here’s an online resource page showing you how to design a garden:

Password : R00ms

A number of people attended our free practical Fruit tree pruning workshop. Please click on the link below and input the password to gain some more information around pruning techniques:

The password is: Deliber82

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