Gardeners World Live Platinum Medal

img_20190430_1725296532.jpgRoots to Fruit Midlands Ltd Scoop Top Show Border Medal at Gardeners World Live 2019




Roots to Roots to Fruit Midlands Ltd have built a show border at Gardeners World Live 2019 they are delighted to announce that it has won a Platinum Medal – the highest award that can be given – and one of only two presented within the category. In the event our border in addition to this also won ‘Best In Show’ for their interpretation of a
theme. The topic of the border was a curriculum garden entitled ‘Schools Out 4 Summer’. This is an education sensory border and Jonathan Ensell lead horticultural tutor and company director said ‘this is the only garden at GWL that children between the age of 4 and 94 can enjoy by touching and feeling its plants and interactive features’. 125 of the
children, their teachers (from schools that Roots to Fruit deliver learning with), their volunteers, their adult learners were all there to experience the sensory effects of the garden and see the medal being presented to the not for profit
social enterprise.
Jonathan designed the border collaboratively with staff and students, Jonathan’s wife Claire came up with the idea of embedding the national curriculum in the garden. Jonathan worked with his students to develop the concept into a
plan. Jonathan said ‘It’s a whistle stop tour through maths with a living abacus, English with plants found in the works of Shakespeare, it has a volcano for geography, plants growing in test tubes for science, dinosaur fossils and Roman mosaics that need digging up for history and a clay pot chime for music. The main stars of the show were the plants included to represent each curriculum area.’
Roots to Fruit work with a range of people from all cross sections of the community. Jonathan said ‘the most amazing thing about this project is the many outcomes it has achieved for us as a training centre, we have been able to grow all of the plants at our
nursery using the help of the students that access our training facility’, they have been able to grow from seed and nurture the plants for this border. Roots to Fruit students maybe adults volunteering their time, they may have a learning/physical disability, or they may have mental health problems. They also work with primary and secondary
schools and have been able to involve them all in some way. Most of the adult learners used the activities associated with the border to build evidence for their portfolios and were assessed by Jonathan for elements of their accredited qualifications. Roots to Fruit are a registered centre with SEG awards and deliver ABC awards land-based
qualifications in both horticulture and countryside skills from entry level 3 to level 2. Jonathan said that ‘ All of our ABC award registered students have been able to complete parts of their qualification practical tasks by being involved in this show border whether through growing the plants or building the garden at the NEC, it’s a testament to ABC
Awards to how their qualifications provide the wonderful opportunity to embed a wide variety of performance criteria and out comes in a wonderful and prestigious student experience’. The students were on hand all week to provide tours of the border to show visitors during the week and helped to engage a range of people with the sensory aspects
of the garden; Jonathan said ‘ I can’t say a big enough thankyou to my students and volunteers this medal is as much theirs as it is ours’.