RTF Emergency Procedures

This web page is about what to do in case there is an emergency situation at the Roots to Fruit Midlands Limited Training Centre in Streetly Sutton Coldfield.

First of all all any kind of situation or problem must be reported to your on-site facilitator usually for the adult learning this is Jonathan Ensell his mobile phone number is 07590620890 in case you cannot see him. Here’s a picture of Jonathan Ensell in case you are unsure:

If you are in another type of group attending the roots to fruit training centre and it’s a different facilitator it could be one of these the facilitator is somebody that is managing a session on the site they would normally have introduced themselves and will be teaching you and your group for the session. They could be one of the peolke below in the picture:

The two most common kinds of emergencies include first aid situation and fire emergency.

don t panic text on toilet paper
Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

First Aid Incident

Any incident requiring first aid can include any minor injuries such as minor cuts that can be sorted out without the need for specialist medical attention or an object gas gone into somebody’s eye and can easily be resolved using an eye wash and first aid kit. Jonathan Ensell is the designated first aider for the site so report immediately to him. This is where the first aid kit is stored:

Fire Emergency

If you see a fire then report the fire to your facilitator raise the alarm ma and and go immediately to the the fire assembly point make sure you tell others where you are going. Here is a picture of the fire Bell that you can use to raise the alarm:

Here is a picture of the fire assembly point where you are are to wait so that everybody on the site can be accounted for:

If any situation or issue look serious then report to Jonathan Ensell and call an emergency service through dialling 999 or 112 to arrange for the emergency services to be involved.