Sowing Seeds in Containers – The A4 Micro Green Allotment.

Micro greens have amazing health and nutrition benefits, they are the germinated seeds of most of your common edible vegetables. Considered to containĀ 10 to 40 times more nutritients than their mature food types.

They can be used in green salads, as garnish to dishes, sprinkled on sandwiches, wraps and rolls. Mixed to add flavour to cold sauces, blended into smoothies or added to soups, casseroles or curries.


How to get seeds started indoors. We were really pleased to be able to work with Caldmore Community garden to produce some simple demonstration videos on how to garden. We have created a video about how to start seeds in simple things that you can find around the house or even in the bin. We also explre how certain vegetables can be grown as seedlings and then harvested just after to germination and then consumed to create highly nutritious form of food. This type of crop is called ‘micro greens’:

Simple ways you can get seeds started in your home.

Heres a video on how to sow really big seeds into containers such as beans and peas:

heres a video about micro greens and how to harvest them:

Once the seeds have germinated knowing what to do with them can be tricky so heres another video we made with Caldmore Community Garden on how to transplant and harvest seeedlings.

How to transplant and grow on seedlings