How to Identify Trees and Shrubs in the Winter

Winter is one of the most difficult and challenging times of the year to identify many of the trees and and shrubs within the United Kingdom as many of them look like twigs.

One of the most trickiest times of year to identify trees and shrubs is in the winter especially they are deciduous (loses its leaves in the autumn) and looks like a bunch of twigs. We will be looking at how we can see the wood for the trees by looking for key characteristics and how they aid positive identification. There is a test at the end of the page with multiple choice questions to test your learning.

What makes a tree a tree? What makes a shrub a shrub?

What questions do you need to ask in order to help you to correctly identify a plant? How many possible answers should there be in order to correctly identify a plant?

Do you know what woody material is? What’s the difference between deciduous and evergreen?

Here’s a video on how to identify trees and shrubs in the winter click on the link to you tube below:

Here’s an extra video reminding you the many different charactoristics of Holly:

In the link below is another video looking at Gorse in greater detail:

Lets re cap on the different trees and shrubs by looking at close up photos of their features.

Silver Birch or Betula pendula:

Holly or Ilex aquifolium:

Common Oak or Quercus robur:

Gorse or Ulex europaeus:

Scotts Pine or Pinus sylvestris:

Sycamore or Acer pseudoplatanus:

Beech or Fagus sylvatica:

Please click on the link below to complete a short quiz testing your knowledge of how to identify trees in winter:

Don’t forget to take a screen shot of your score and send it to your teacher telling them your name and what form you are in.