RTF Health and Safety Short Course

This page is to help those that want to understand more about health and safety in the workplace particularly within a horticultural setting. It looks at how and who to report problems and situations too. It is also for those that want to safely use hand tools and machinery and become compliant with current laws and legislation. It also contains information about how to carry out a risk assessment and a basic guide to health and safety legislation. There are also assignments for completing if you are studying the level one qualification.

Dealing with Situations and Emergencies

It is really important that anybody that is a volunteer student or employee within the workplace should understand who to report problems or situations to 2. This include first aid problem fire or another kind of emergency. You as a student or volunteer need to understand what your limitations are in dealing with problems and situations and that your first port of call will always be be your supervisor or or facilitator for more information on different types of emergency situations please click on the link below:

Health and Safety Legislation

Here is a presentation that briefly looks at health and safety legislation. It briefly summarises 4 pieces of legislation:

Here is a presentation video about health and safety legislation:

Risk Assessments

Here is a presentation about risk assessments and how to produce them:

Here is a video about risk assessments:

To download a simple risk assessment blank form document that just focuses on the hazards and the control measures please click on the link below:

To down load the more complicated risk assessment form document that rates the severity and likelihood click on the link below:

If you are struggling with what to put in your risk assessment here’s a link to some already prepared risk assessments by Roots to Fruit:


Level 1 Practical Skills Health and Safety Assignment

If you are studying the level 1 maintaining health and safety within the workplace unit as part of your qualification you will need to complete the assignment provided below:

Lets test what you know and what you have learned click on the link below to have a go at an online multiplechoice question test about health and safety.