Level 2 Grafting and Budding

Level 2 Grafting and Budding

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Step By Step Guide to Grafting an Apple Tree Scion on to an M11 Dwarf Containerised Root Stock

To be carried out late February/March

  1. First select a branch by pruning and trimming it into a scion. It is pruned healthy living material and should be straight whip like growth (with no branches or side shoots) from the last growing season of the apple tree. Make sure it is living by scratching below the bark  or by rubbing buds  to see if its green. To really make sure it is suitable place in a polythene bag for a week in a warmish place keep it moist and check the buds swell.


2. Check the root stock is living and disease free in the same way as the scion.


3. Carry out a whip and tongue or saddle union cut on the bottom of the scion close to a node/bud


Whip and tongue union cut

4. Carry out a whip and tongue or saddle cut on the top of the rootstock close to a node/bud


Saddle cut union


Whip and tongue union

5. Push the node and scion together

Sight_2016_03_04_161827_555 Sight_2016_03_04_161719_892

6. Trim the scion down to a minimum of 2 buds/nodes the top cut being a sloping cut away from the bud.


7. Treat the cuts with an anti fungal compound

Sight_2016_03_04_155327_304 Sight_2016_03_04_155353_303

8. Wrap the join in tape

Sight_2016_03_04_155245_167 Sight_2016_03_04_155214_552

9. Heat up grafting wax to melt it


10. Paint the melted wax over the tape and onto the cut at the top of the scion

Sight_2016_03_04_154815_794  Sight_2016_03_04_155107_449

Keep outside watered and fed the graft should  fuse by July you will know if both the the scion and root stock buds open and produce leaves.