Level 1 Horticulture


Level 1 Practical Horticulture and Countryside Skills

These resources will show what you need to do to complete the level 1 practical skills units. These are also a good basis for understanding the practical needs of the level 2 qualifications.

L1 Prepare the ground for seed sowing and planting

L1 Plant Containerised Plants

L1 Watering Plants

L1 Mulching

L1 Preparing the Ground Through Single Digging

L1 Sowing Seeds Outdoors in Drills

L1  Sowing Seeds Indoors in Containers

L1 Provide Support for Individual Stems

L1 Care for a Planted Area

L1 Planting Decorative Containers

L1 Planting Hanging Baskets

L1 Propagating Through Stem Cuttings

L1 Lifting and Dividing Herbaceous Perennials

L1 Edging Turf With Hand Shears

L1 Mowing a Lawn Using a Wheeled Rotary Mower

L1 Safe Use of a Strimmer.Brush Cutter

L1 Scarifying Turf

L1 Aerating Turf

L1 Laying paving Slabs

L1 Laying Block paving

L1 Laying a Brick Wall

L1 Maintaining paving

L1 Maintaining Woodeden Surfaces

L1 Pruning

L1 Hedge Trimming