Roots to Fruit Professional Gardening Course

Slide1                      Roots to Fruit Professional Gardening Course

Tuesday 9:15am- 3:15pm Professional Gardening Course

On our Professional Gardening Course we aim to give you the skills to maintain gardens within a professional setting. We go out into the local community to maintain private gardens and public spaces giving you the confidence skills and knowledge to start either your own gardening business, work for a gardening company or maintain your own garden.

There is the opportunity to gain a qualification from ABC Awards with the training centre’s award winning horticultural lecturer, Jon Ensell. Various qualifications are available along with subjects to study.  This course is available as a professional course only. Subsidised volunteer places available subject to terms and conditions.

Range of skills and subjects avaialble to develop:

  •  General garden maintenance tasks
  • Weeding borders
  • Mulching
  • Pruning (working at heights restrictions apply)
  • Weeding sweeping and tidying paths and paved areas
  • Restoring decking, fences and wooden structures.
  • Tidying leaves and debris
  • Garden Clearance
  • Planting
  • Grass seeding and turf laying
  • Mowing lawns


Before we took this                                   Now the borders are

garden on the weeds had                        being cultivated, they

taken over                                                   are clear of weeds and all of

                                                                      the plants are shaped/pruned

                                                                       plus the lawn is edged