RTF Schools Learning Resources – What Happens to Trees in the Winter?

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What Happens to Trees in the Winter?

There is a Quiz to fill out at the bottom of the page, why not try it after watching the video and test what you have learned!

Do all trees loose their leaves in winter? What are deciduous trees? What are evergreen trees?

Why do trees loose their leaves

Why do the leaves change colour and then fall off? How do trees turn light into food? What happens to the dead leaves when they fall on the ground?

What’s happening during dormancy?

Are trees still growing in winter? Are trees dead? Are they asleep? Are they still growing and photosynthesizing? Are their roots sucking up water?

What causes trees to wake up again?

Do trees only wake up when its warm? How does light affect trees? What effect does spring and summer have on trees?

To see the answers to these questions about trees in winter please watch the video lesson by clicking on the video link below:

Quiz Time

Heres a quick Quiz to see how you have done. Once you have completed the quiz look at your score, print the screen of your best score and email it to your teacher like this:

Please click on the link below to do the test: