Roots to Fruit Gardening Services

Slide1                      Roots to Fruit Midlands Ltd. Garden Maintenance Service

Progression for our horticultural students is paramount to their learning and development, and once many of our students have gained the skills to start in a professional setting we can provide this form of experience for them. On this basis we are offering a professional garden maintenance service using advanced and experienced learners looking to complete their skills sets in order to either work within the industry or set up their own gardening business.

The services we provide are:

  •  General garden maintenance tasks
  • Weeding borders
  • Mulching
  • Pruning (working at heights restrictions apply)
  • Weeding sweeping and tidying paths and paved areas
  • Scrubbing clean and treating decking
  • Tidying leaves and debris
  • Garden Clearance
  • Planting
  • Grass seeding and turf laying
  • Mowing lawns


Before we took this                                   Now the borders are

garden on the weeds had                        being cultivated, they

taken over                                                   are clear of weeds and all of

                                                                      the plants are shaped/pruned

                                                                       plus the lawn is edged

We provide 2 types of services:

Up to six students supported by volunteers and lead by an experienced and qualified gardener can be booked for a 2 hour session for the cost of £50.00 this maybe a one off session or it may be a regular service up to once a month. (We bring some candidates with learning difficulties to help with tasks such as sweeping clearing and tidying areas)

The second option is for a professional qualified gardener to come accompanied by up to 2 able students to carry out all aspects of our garden maintenance services. Cost is £15.00 per hour per person (a minimum of 1 hour can be booked).

Waste disposal costs:

Branches and woody material £15.00 per 1m cubed  (large builders bulk bag)

Leaves/grass cuttings £10.00 per 1m cubed  (large builders bulk bag)

Weeds and soil £15.00 1m cubed  (large builders bulk bag)

Weeds/branches/grass cuttings /leaves £1.00 per large gardening trug (30 litres)