Roots to Fruit Gardening Workshops


Master Gardening Classes Spring and Summer 2017

Informal Gardening Workshops Planned for Saturday Afternoons and Week Day Evenings.

Classes to be held at our training centre in Oakdene Nurseries – 51 Chester Rd Streetly Sutton Coldfield B74 2HH

These workshops will suit complete beginners as well as experienced gardeners. Learn top gardening tips form a multi award winning gardener and horticultural lecturer Jonathan Ensell. Jonathan will dig the dirt on a range of practical gardening themes. Book a one off session or as many sessions as you wish.

The first one will be on Saturday May the 6th This will be a free workshop on how to plant summer hanging baskets (you will need to pay for any materials or plants you use). You can bring your own baskets or we can provide them for you. The session starts at 2pm

Master Gardening Classes Spring and Summer 2017 Programme
Date Gardening Work Shop Theme Time Cost
Saturday May 6th Plant your summer hanging baskets. 2pm-4pm FREE Just purchase your plants and materials you use
Wednesday May


Ground Preparation – Preparing your bed or border for growing. 7pm-9pm £10.00 per person


Thursday May


Plant your summer tubs and containers. 7pm-9pm FREE Just purchase your plants and materials you use
Wednesday May


Sowing Seeds – Indoor and outdoor seed sowing. Take way a pot of sown seeds and watch them grow. 7pm-9pm £10.00 per person


Wednesday May


What Plant Goes Where?? – Planning and creating your perfect ornamental border 7pm-9pm £10.00 per person


Wednesday June


Right Plat Right place- Finding good plants for tricky spots how to plant different types of plant material. 7pm-9pm £10.00 per person


Thursday June


Weeds – Identifying and dealing with weeds. 7pm-9pm £10.00 per person


Wednesday June 28th Maintaining plants Outdoors – Top tips on how to get the best out of your planted border 7pm-9pm £10.00 per person


Saturday July 1st Grow your own herbal tea – How to grow and process herbal teas from soil to teacup. 1pm  – 4pm £15.00 Per Person
Wednesday July


Pests, Diseases and Disorders- How to identify and deal with them. 7pm-9pm £10.00 per person


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