Level 1 Horticulture Preparing the Ground for Seed Sowing/Planting


Preparing the Ground for Seed Sowing/Planting

Please click on the presentation below to understand the basic theory behind Preparing the Ground for Seed Sowing/Planting.

L1 Preparing the ground for seed sowing and planting presentation

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ABC L1 Practical HortGround prep

For a video tutorial about how to prepare the ground from scratch ready for seed sowing and planting please click on the video below:

The photos below show the tasks involved with preparing the ground for seed sowing/planting

DSCN02831. Turning the soil over, breaking it up, cultivating it before raking and levelling the plot over.








2.The rough rake, removing weeds, stones, debris and getting                                                                                                           a rough even surface


Sight_2015_10_29_210739_6453. Treading and consolidating to get rid of air pockets and to break down large                                                                           lumps of soil.


Sight_2015_10_29_190637_972  4. Fine raking to get an even level and nice tilth


Sight_2015_10_29_212537_183 5. Using a tilth rake for situations when seed sowing will take place.